Funshare Amusement integrates game software and hardware development,production-manufacturing and sales at home and abroad. With high emphasis on talents and strict introduction, it is committed to developing China's animation & games industry to reach the international level and onto the world stage.

The FUNSHARE R&D team has developed a number of outstanding games based on its keen insight and innovation to market users, and has achieved long-term strategic cooperation with the excellent domestic large-scale chain companies Star Legend, Wanda KIDSPLACE , Wanda Super Player, Molly Fantasy, Fen Yun Zai Qi, Tom’s World, Sky City, I ❤Play, City Hero and so on. At the same time, Funshare products are exported to all parts of the world which have been highly recognized by foreign excellent companies like TIMEZONE, ANDAMIRO, UDC, LAIGAME, HAHAMA, etc., and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship.


Industry high quality design level, not only beauty, but also with creativity, ideas, and soul

Industrial design: good user interaction experience, giving consideration to functional practicality, innovation and appreciation. Structural design: give consideration to both cost and quality, pay great attention to product fineness


Insight into player needs with user thinking, and build products to meet player needs with product thinking

Based on User's Thinking: understand the user, rigorous and meticulous, simple and clear.

Solid theoretical basis: psychology, human behavior and games design skills, grasping the player's psychology, interlocking, strong immersion, and high games stickiness.

Professional division of labor: numerical planning, plot planning, interactive planning, exquisite pictures, professional voice acting team.


Convergence and focus, large quantity and high quality, zero tolerance after sales, high quality experienced by users, long life and slow depreciation

Complete product testing process to eliminate possible quality problems: accessory inspection and verification、complete product function test、long-term aging、violence test.And The machine has been tested and verified by game centers.
Quality control throughout the whole production process to prevent unqualified materials into the hands of customers: strict incoming material inspection、whole production process inspection、product aging test inspection and shipping inspection.