Funshare's headquarter located at Panyu Times E-park, cover Five hundred thousand square meters.

High Afforestation rate and tidy traffic arrangement. Hotel, canteen, gym,convenience store,underground packing and so on facilities are all included.

The company's interior decoration is simple and fashionable, comfortable working environment. All use IKEA furniture,

everything is for a better and comfortable working area.

  • Mission

    Embrace the joys from heart


    Commercial use arcade games industry
    Be the leader of the


    Users first, clear and fair,honest,dedication and progressing share and burden together.

    Objective strategy

    Building up the most happiness team in the industry, make product as international standard

    create the best users experience and most significant income value

    We do not take the team as a resource, but to develop the team as our goal, we will continue to pay attention to the experience and progress of the team members

    Department activities

    Funshare provide funds to have activities like Barbecue, Karaoke,Biking,climbing,movies,dinner party and all kinds of popular activities.

    Holidays activities

    We provide a lot of surprise and gifts during holidays and festivals: Women's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Children's Day, Mid-Autumn Day, Christmas Day, Wedding Leave, Birthday and so on.

    Domestic travel

    We will arrange a whole team traveling once a year. We all have best memory for the exciting water flowing, the cooling water part, the cozy spa villa, the beautiful beach firework and so on.

    Oversea travel

    The excellent colleagues have chance to travel overseas to study and attend expo each year.we have been to USA, Japan, Germany,Dubai, UK.

    Clubs activities

    We have found the Badminton,football,basketball,swimming and jogging club. And held a friendship competition every a period.

    Lunch, afternoon tea,snacks

    We provide free yummy lunch,Nutritious soup and fruits.Each week will have a big afternoon tea time.Cakes,pizza,chicken wings,chips,sushi,fruits, and drinks.Also we provide various kinds of snacks and drinks for your option every day.

    High efficiency meeting

    We devote to researching the most efficient and beneficial meeting way. We are not only focus on the sales achievement but also the improvements and deficiencies of each staff at work. We don't have pointless meetings.

    Bouncing working time

    We allow a bouncing working time , all our colleague can choice their work time start from 8:30-9:00 and out of duty till 6:00-6:30 every day.

    Annual physical examination

    Funshare care about all colleague’s healthy. We will provide annual physical examination every year. We will arrange a free physical examination every year with complete items and excellent service experience.

    Eight aspects in funshare culture

    Recruit highly matched people

    Recruitment is the core and source of all work. We have been studying the most scientific and effective recruitment methods and processes, and strive to do the best recruitment, so that all the people working with the team are excellent

    Let everyone know our business

    True high-performance talents can exert greater value through a deep understanding of the company's business. Therefore, we will provide more information to help everyone understand the business and ensure that all employees are consistent with the company's overall goals.

    Do your own job with your heart

    Our understanding is: focus on work efficiency and choose wise working methods; clarify the priority of work and solve essential problems; focus on value output, not the matter itself

    Build a high-performance team

    Alliance means that employees and the company reach a cooperative term recognized by both parties, We look forward to achieving long-term alliances with more outstanding people and growing together.

    Fair and honest

    At FUNSHARE, the relationship between employees and the organization is equal.The communication is frank, open, without concealment and deception, so that information can be exchanged, reduce unnecessary guesswork, and improve operational efficiency.

    Build the team is our purpose

    At FUNSHARE, the team is not a resource but a goal. We will continue to pay attention to the experience and progress of team members, and insist that the appreciation of human capital is better than that of wealth capital.

    Learning and growth

    FUNSHARE advocates continuous learning and growth, and encourages employees to be responsible for their own growth, make good use of the opportunities provided by the company, and learn from outstanding colleagues and managers.

    Provide competitive and fair return

    We are committed to hiring outstanding employees who are dedicated to their work, and do our best to provide the most competitive and fair return in the industry, ensuring that employees' performance and salary are consistent with the salary level in the human market.